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Is “Technology” Holding You Back Stuck inside your Business? Here’s

Is “Technology” Holding You Back Stuck inside your Business? Here’s

Is “Technology” Holding You Back Stuck inside your Business? Here’s Ways To Get Unstuck:

Sometimes technology can perform more damage than good&hellip

&hellip because so many people are putting the cart while watching horse:

&bull They be worried about what features to use a yet-to-be-built website before they define their message and niche

&bull They pull their head of hair out concerning the basics of autoresponder before they begin their prospecting effort and getting a listing to mail to

&bull They drive themselves in the wall about shopping cart software setup before they determine what items to produce

&bull They spend hrs researching web based course software before they are fully aware what their audience want and are prepared to purchase

&bull They concern themselves with complex sales funnel, while all they have to do is to buy around the damn phone and sign some clients, yesterday, to obtain the income and momentum

Technology may become an opportune excuse.

We obtain drawn in to the research and busywork, &ldquotrying so hard&rdquo to look at the tutorials and discover to make use of the program, tweaking the hex # for that 56th time therefore we don&rsquot need to do WHAT TRULY MATTERS because frequently occasions, individuals things make us face our fears and stretch our limitations.

Allow me to share my story&hellip

After I began my first business, I made a simplistic website using on the weekend. (I don&rsquot recommend &ndash always obtain a self-located site&hellip however that&rsquos things i did understanding what I understood.)

I stuck a couple of PayPal buttons up, and let my peeps learn about it through social networking and forums.

Orders began flowing in. It&rsquos the way it all began.

Fast-forward 3 several weeks, I recognized I had been emailing 400+ individuals from my gmail account. I finally gone to live in an e-mail company and sitting on their own free fundamental plan, which required me to striking 6-fig easily.

Didn&rsquot sweat about autoresponder. And That I made it.

18 several weeks in (yes, 18 several weeks!) I recognized I had been moving 1000’s of dollars price of digital items With no shopping cart software.

I understand, crazy.

I emailed the files out by hand whenever a PayPal notification arrived. Having a personalized observe that I typed (not cut-and-paste, mind ya.)

I even made it happen within the hospital on my cell phone, couple of hrs following childbirth to my kid.

Didn&rsquot lose sleep over shopping cart software until I possibly could pay anyone to lose sleep regarding this for me personally.

I spent each and every minute I’d be wrangling with &ldquotechnology&rdquo to produce items and market the heck from them.

Operative term: Earnings Producing Activities.

Operative mindset: Make It Simple, Sunshine!

&ldquoThey&rdquo stated I desired an autoresponder along with a shopping cart software.

I stated I needed to obtain some clients then sell my stuff.

I saw money staying with you before &ldquothey&rdquo could finish saying, &ldquoget a free account, subscribe to 1shoppingcart or InfusionSoft or Office Autopilot and pay $79/$199/$299 per month.&rdquo

When you’re &ldquostruggling&rdquo over &ldquotechnology&rdquo and discover yourself spinning your wheels &ndash take the time and get if your work may be the least road to achieving your present goal, or maybe it&rsquos only a handy excuse to prevent you from doing what must be done.

I’ve a web-based marketing background, and that i run my entire business virtually.

However, being &ldquoonline&rdquo doesn&rsquot mean hiding behind the pc, an internet site, a lot of web page templates or &ldquoset it and end up forgetting it&rdquo autoresponders with canned messaging.

You’ve still got to stay your neck out and tell the planet what you’re about. You need to walk your talk. You need to communicate. You need to connect. Because&hellip

Once the rubber meets the street, marketing and advertising is all about a person at one finish, interacting with another individual in the other finish.

And yeah, making reference to another individual (gasp!) can awaken lots of crap.

Fears. Insecurity. Uncertainty. Rejection. Judgment. Doubts.

You are able to predict how a bit of software will react (err, more often than not anyway) however, you can&rsquot control what your partner would say or do, and just what which will trigger in your soul.


The most crucial factor to keep in mind about &ldquotechnology&rdquo &ndash it&rsquos meant to make our way of life simpler. It&rsquos meant to allow us to achieve our goals faster.

Whether it&rsquos not doing either, whether it&rsquos distracting you against really doing that &ndash CHUCK IT!

Whether it&rsquos suggesting that you tweak your message or change how you roll, so your materials can squeeze into a particular format or presentation &ndash Think Hard!

Sometimes pedaling a bicycle will get you there quicker than a driving Lamborghini &ndash while in a traffic jam.